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My Virtual Studio - Tijo's Art Corner

Hi There...Come on in and have look around. TijosArtCorner is my art studio where I display all my abstract artwork /paintings. My painting "easels" are actually 23 feet high flat tables. I paint everyday, standing and moving around, this helps me build the process of creating art.  Each Painting takes a few days to few months to reach a completion stage and I enjoy every moment of the process of creating my artwork. Each painting has unique journey of its own. Hope you enjoy the art shown here.


About Me?

I would call myself an experimental abstract artist. I don't like to define myself to a particular style or form of abstract art. I like to express myself using vibrant colors, shapes, figures, text, line, curves literally anything that allows me to channel my thoughts and energy onto the medium. 

Why is Making Art Important to Me?

I've always felt making art was something I just had to do. It came out of me easier than any other skill I had or wanted to learn. It always felt natural for me to paint and make things, doing things with my hands. The underlying and connecting thread to all this was my "life long" preoccupation with making things better. It's important to me because it has always been there with me-- making art. I don't know when I was never curious about looking for something new. I always felt safe to play with new ideas and was always encouraged by my parents and teachers.

Welcome to my studio!


With Luv

Tijo Thomas


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